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Restroom Hygiene Services

Here are some of the restroom hygiene services we offer...

Timemist® Commode Cleaning System Timemist® Commode Cleaning System
Utilizes an innovative refill cartridge that cleans and deodorizes both the inside of the tank and the entire commode, eliminating odours at the source and keeping the fixture clean.
Timemist® In-Line System Timemist® In-Line System
Cleans and deodorizes the entire urinal or commode with every flush. It’s a total cleaning systems that pays for itself quickly by eliminating daily cleanings that ring up labour charges and chemical costs.
Timemist® Touch Less Control – TLC™ Faucet Timemist® Touch Less Control – TLC™ Faucet
Sophisticated sensor technology, elegant design, easy installation and simple service make this the smartest choice for your touchless bathroom.
Feminine Hygiene Bins2 Sanitary Disposal Bins
The "hands free" foot pedal unit is designed to provide a safe and hygienic way to dispose of sanitary waste. The dry system bins are lined so the interior is never soiled, our trained professionals clean and disinfect each bin on a predetermined schedule.
AutoFresh Odour Control dispenser

Odor Control Air Freshening System
The aerosol system transforms & eliminates unavoidable washroom odors. The programmable metered unit automatically dispenses to provide maximum protection with a variety of fragrances available.

Timemist® Touch Less Control – TLC™ E-Z Flush Timemist® Touch Less Control – TLC™ E-Z Flush
Converts manual flush urinals and commodes to touchless fixtures in minutes.
Odor Control TCell System Odor Control TCell System
The environmental friendly unit delivers a precise dose of high-quality fragrance blended with Microtrans®, a true odor neutralizer. Compact, silent operation with no propellants or added VOC's, no batteries with recyclable refill components.