Pest Control Oshawa

Pest Exterminator Services in Oshawa, Ontario

Reliable Pest Control service in Oshawa is one highest quality services for pest control and pest extermination in the city. With able, certified and licensed pest extermination professionals some of the pest we control and removal services we provide include:

  • Rat
  • Bees and Wasps
  • Cockroaches
  • Mice
  • Ants
  • Bedbugs etc.


Rat Exterminator Oshawa

They dwell in dirty, stinking, damp, wet and dark areas. Rats can take over your building within a matter of weeks. They spread disease and defecate in every space in which they dwell. Call our expert rat control team to kill all rats from your building.


Cockroach Extermination Oshawa

Roaches spread disease faster than any pest. Couple that with their ability to lay hundreds of eggs at a time. The smell very badly and fly in the dark. Call Reliable Pest Control to permanently destroy all cockroaches and eggs in your building.


Mice Control Oshawa

Let Reliable Pest Control exterminates and kills all mice from your home and commercial property. Mice breed at a faster rate than almost all pest rodents. They thrive in filthy, warm, dark areas inside and outside of your property. Their ability to crawl into any hole is one of their unique abilities. Sealing windows and areas around your building with metallic screens is very vital in avoiding mice infestation.


Ants Exterminator Oshawa

They are pests with the unique ability to social network. This means they move fast into one area, work as a huge unit of millions and destroy wood, furniture and clothing. Their mighty numbers allow them to drag dead spiders, moths and roaches all over your building.


Bedbugs Exterminator Oshawa

Among our many methods of killing bedbugs is the use of well trained bedbugs detection dogs. These dogs have always had extraordinary sense of smell that has been used to detect even the faintest hint of human scent, disease, and weapons. They are well trained in sniffing out bedbugs.




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