Pest Control Mississauga

Pest Exterminator Services in Mississauga, Ontario

The affordable pest control services offered by Reliable Pest Control is feasible on all budgets. With years of experience in pest extermination, our staff is well trained and certified in the extermination of:

  • Bedbugs
  • Mice
  • Ants
  • Bees and wasps
  • Cockroaches
  • Rat etc.


Bedbugs Exterminator Mississauga

Bedbugs bite in teams, biting one area of your body and quickly moving on to the next. The feeling is painful and irritable. You do not want to experience a bedbug bite. Call Reliable Pest Control to remove bedbugs in your building and furniture.


Cockroach Extermination Mississauga

They are attracted to dark cool areas. They hunt for food when you switch off your lights. They fly at night spreading disease. They stink really badly and lay eggs even in open food, bread and cakes. Call Reliable Pest Control for help immediately.


Rat Exterminator Mississauga

They bite through every road block they meet as they find their way through attics, basements and tunnels in your home. If left unchecked for long they will destroy most of wires, cables and pipes in your home.


Mice Control Mississauga

One common behavior of mice is their ability to breed by the hundreds. They grow fast, run fast and spread disease along the way. They urinate on carpets and clothing and defecate in food. The stench of their urine and feces can be smelled all over an entire room.


Ants Exterminator Mississauga

Their social networking ability allow ants to move fast into one area, work as a huge unit of millions and destroy wood, furniture and clothing. They also drag dead spiders, moths and roaches into your building.




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