Certified Bedbug Detection Dogs in GTA

Peace of Mind is Everything
Dealing with a potential bedbug problem is a nightmare. You are left with the question: Do you pay for treatment or wait to see the solid signs of an infestation?

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We have another option:

  • Reliable Pest Control K-9 Detection. Relying on sight to pinpoint and understand the severity of an infestation involves a lot of factors and time.

A technician is only as good as the inspection area permits him to be, as he cannot see under baseboards, behind walls or inside mattresses and sofas. However, dogs have always had an extraordinary sense of smell that have been used to detect even the faintest hint of human scent, disease, and weapons. So, we've teamed up with some hard working pooches with the finest noses to give you an accurate answer.

Saving You Time
Dogs are quick workers. They are in and out, and ready with instantaneous results right in your home. The dogs can inspect an average sized hotel room or hospital room in under two minutes with close to 95% accuracy. You can remove the hours and days of worrying endlessly about those creepy crawlers and replace your potential problem with peace of mind.

The Solutions
If our K-9 team members do find that your home has been invaded with bedbugs, we can consult with you on the best way to solve the problem. One of your options is traditional pest control methods. We use sprays and insecticides to target the areas around baseboards, furniture, and bedbug hiding spots. Two spraying sessions are used to keep those bedbugs from continuing their life cycle.

Another solution is Thermal Remediation®, one of the most cost effective, comprehensive, and eco-friendly options available from Reliable Pest Control. It treats infestations with heat that is lethal to all stages of the bedbug’s life cycle, but safe for your mattress and furniture. Your home should be yours, so don’t let creepy crawlers like bedbugs take over. Achieve peace of mind with a K-9 detection team and let us solve your potential problem.


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