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Pest Control Services in the GTA

Unwelcome Cockroaches in Your Mississauga Home

Cockroaches are terrible creatures to look at. In fact, they are downright ugly. You definitely do not want them in your house. However, they don’t always wait for an invite and welcoming committee. When they do show up unexpectedly, it can cause a big disturbance. With the Reliable Pest Controls Mississauga service, we can help you kick those uninvited guests out for good.


With the coming holidays


With the coming holidays, come family and friends visiting for get together and dinners. With all this going on, people will be out shopping for food and supplies for parties. Be vigilant about where you’re shopping and what you bring home the last thing you want to do at this time of year is bring home some cockroaches. When shopping, avoid bringing home cardboard boxes as they are a favourite spot for cockroaches to lay their eggs. It’s far better to use reusable cloth bags to bring your groceries home. Be careful and have a happy holiday.

Bed Bugs in Oakville

Many people think that bed bugs only happen to other people. Unfortunately, bed bugs don’t Bed Bugdiscriminate. Even if your house is clean and clutter free they could decide to move in. In fact, they would probably love your Oakville home. It gives them shelter, and there is an all they can eat buffet – you!